We create dynamic, purpose-built web and native mobile apps.

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Our Process


The most successful and rewarding products are born from a clear vision of who the product benefits, the benefit they receive, and how this benefit is measured.

We swiftly ideate through collaboration and validate through research to develop the key objectives of your product’s purpose.

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Effective user experiences evolve through creative thought, objective constraints, and meaningful input from the team, client and users.

Our team of designers develop quick, low-fidelity sketches and wireframes, refined through iteration to form highly detailed, navigable prototypes for testing and feedback.

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A solid concept is only actualized into a polished product through cycles of mindful development paired with thorough review.

We implement, test and deliver your product, built to specifications by our team of experienced developers with a codebase designed for the future.

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Who We Are



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Cellaflora is a group of seasoned developers, designers and business strategists uniquely poised to offer comprehensive web and native mobile experiences. We ideate, iterate, refine build and ship products.

This site is a living document of our work, ideas and abilities. It will change frequently so keep in touch.

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