Product Planning, User Experience, Development

OnBoard is the invention of strategic thinking. The product grew out of the demand for boardroom management, an area partially serviced by a preexisting Passageways product. Instead of diluting their current product’s mission, Passageways developed OnBoard as an independent product - a product to meet demand with its own identity and mission.

The most recent growth of OnBoard was the redefinition of the product experience. We met with Passageways to help plan the key design objectives to foster that growth. Our goal was to define an intuitive experience for better user efficacy, and architect the design to allow for quick, organic feature growth.

Defining an intuitive user experience is generally speculative. We often rely on design conventions and user expectations to guide our design process for new products. In the case of OnBoard, however, we were dealing with an established product, supported by multiple teams who knew their customers and how their customers interacted with OnBoard.

By examining the previous user experience and listening to feedback, we identified where the design was unable to scale, areas that caused friction, and places that led to misconceptions. Keeping in focus the flaws and objectives, we designed and built a better product experience.

Working with clients who continually push to innovate is exciting. The product we helped build is the reflection of that push.

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