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Twiddy is one of those companies surviving the years by being true to their principles. They provide rental property management to more than one thousand homes along the Outer Banks. If you’ve stayed in a home along the Outer Banks, odds are, you have rented from Twiddy. The secret to their success is hospitality, and when they reached out to us for service, we knew that we had to help build a product that maintained their principles.

Twiddy possessed a clear vision of business objectives to which the product could bring value. The job of Cellaflora was to create a solution to help reach those objectives. The key objectives were to reduce the friction and overhead of their guests acquiring information about their homes, and to provide guests with opportunities to further enjoy their time away.

The first meeting with Twiddy set the foundation of the product’s purpose. We met with a cross-department team to understand the guest experience during a stay. Each unique guest story provided us with ample research with which we could begin forming strong product concepts.

Each relationship is different. We strive to understand where the most value can be gained for our clients, and aim to achieve it through the products we design and build. Learning from the client and their customers is the richest approach to creating a successful product. With Twiddy, we did exactly that.

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